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Welcome to AA-Planadvice

AA-Planadvice is a home based business, which specializes in infrastructure and environment. But this name also covers an enormous network of specialists, generalists, engineering consultants and independent advisors in all kinds of disciplines. That network has been built up in 30 years!

Where does AA-Planadvice stand for?
AA means water (aqua) and refers to one of the most important elements in our environment. AA-Planadvice provides consultancy services in the area of policy-making, water, shipping, ports, infrastructure, space, environment and construction. Clients are governments, industries, fairway managers and non-profit organizations. The creative way of connecting multiple disciplines and policy areas is our specialty. Especially in the start-up phase in which the client’s problem still needs to be defined or when the various options need to be listed, a good advice that can make the difference should be given. Clients are helped to get on their way by mapping the opportunities and challenges in their project.

Who's behind AA-Planadvice?
I'm not just generalist and innovator. I started my career as a specialist. I grew up in the world of the international Rhine (spatie) shipping with inland barges and was originally trained as a barge-skipper and a mechanical engineer. Later, I got degrees as traffic engineer and public manager. My strong side is in the field of public management, transport, shipping and infrastructure. The more complex the question, the more joy I find in getting solutions. Interested? Call or email me.

Ing. Gert Schouwstra BPM

"A solution must be realistic and explainable. Only when I would use an invented solution myself, I know that I've found the right balance."